A celebration of life with the motto of Local, Sustainable and Beautiful, River Rock Music, Food and Arts, heading into its third year, is sure to leave the soul full and the spirit awakened. A short 2km North of the beautiful Town of St. Marys lies the stunning setting for this welcoming, community based and family friendly festival. Surrounded by organic fields and on the banks of the upper Thames River, it breaths the heart of what we are trying to create with a number of local food producers, one-of-a-kind artisans, kids craft area, and social, food and art based demonstrations. River Rock is a fully licensed event, bringing you the best in area inspired beverages served in souvenir River Rock drinking mugs to ensure our eco-mandate is met to get as near to a zero waste footprint, which we attained inin both 2015 and 2016, with 1/10 of 1 bag going into local landfill. River Rock is truly an event that will make your summer, on every level:)

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Since our humble beginnings "out on the farm" in 2013, I  have proudly grown River Rock Music, Food & Arts Festival into a family event unlike any other to have ever played out in St. Marys and area.  Thanks to the timeless performances of each artist, who's diversity, from Juno Nominated performers to ethnic powerhouses and performers on the verge who used our little festival as a stepping stone to wider audiences.  Our partners, supporters, and most of all, our fans, River Rock has become the distinctive part of summertime in the area for many from far and wide, and for many the weekend they look forward to each year.  

While the festival has grown more dynamic with each passing edition, adding wellness portions, along with expanded food, beverage and workshop areas, while remaining true to our roots, we have made the difficult decision to take some much-needed time off in 2019.  River Rock will go on hiatus with the goal of returning in 2020 with  a strong board behind me, a renewed vision and continued commitment to an unparalleled gathering of music, art, wellness, food & drink, and family. 

I have been honoured by how River Rock has been embraced by the Town of St. Marys council and the arts community at large. Thanks to every single person that has put their heart into this festival and supported my vision, what a time we had – River Rock belongs to you.  I look forward to seeing you down the line, after a little bit of time to let the grass grow back under Erin's and my feet. 

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